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GDPR Compliance Ireland

At GDPR Compliance, we have teamed with leading IT and regulatory compliance professionals in the industry who have come together to offer an unrivaled combination of technical IT expertise and regulatory compliance expertise.

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GDPR Compliance is uniquely placed to assist organisations to comply with GDPR. We recognise the varying nature, scale and complexity of our clients’ organisations and have developed a broad range of GDPR IT & Compliance Solutions which can be tailormade to help you manage and navigate the requirements of GDPR.

GDPR Compliance can provide basic GDPR IT & Compliance Solutions or “Best of Breed” GDPR IT & Compliance Solutions.  We can work with you to show you how your current framework can meet the requirements of GDPR or recommend specific IT solutions to ensure your organisation has a rigorous and robust GDPR compliance program in place.

No matter what service level you think you might require under GDPR, at all times GDPR Compliance differentiates between “must-have” and “nice-to-have” to ensure our clients retain full autonomy in determining GDPR compliance for their organisation.

GDPR IT & Compliance Solutions – tailormade for each organisation

  • GDPR Impact Readiness Assessment – Gap Analysis
  • An assessment of your current organisational framework/policies & procedures against GDPR and best practice requirements.
  • Issuing recommendations in respect of operational control weaknesses identified, remediation planning and implementation of mitigants to minimise operational weaknesses
  • Data mapping and information flows (EU and non-EU), Risk assessment of data flows and classification of data
  • Data security, encryption and pseudonymisation
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Audit trails and automated system alerts
  • Cyber security penetration testing
  • Consent to data collection, access requests, transparency and data portability
  • Demonstrating Compliance of IT, Systems and Documentation Compliance
    • Website privacy & cookies notice
    • Record keeping
    • Ongoing Compliance Monitoring & Oversight
  • Drafting of Policies and Procedures
  • GDPR awareness training, emphasising the importance of organisational culture
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Liaison with the Irish Data Protection Commissioner
  • Assistance and escalation point for GDPR breaches
  • Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Guidance on legislation and industry best practice